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Our dance classes are ideal for learning basic techniques and getting comfortable with the fundamentals of specific dance styles, from Detroit Ballroom to Chicago Stepping, and everything in between. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to accommodate your dancing ability.


We offer a variety of adult dance classes, such as drop-in or progressive in a developmental series. They are a great compliment to private lessons and our social dance parties.

Have your own idea for a group class? Want to bring some friends together for a healthy fun activity? Want to do it on your time? No problem!

Create your own group class!

Grab some friends and tell us what you want to learn and we’ll make it happen. Just tell us you want your own custom group class!

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Same Location

American Legion Post 353

5661 Hovis Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28216

(off brookshire Blvd. Next to Wells Fargo)



Purple Thursday is our national acclaimed, flagship class, attended by dancers from all over the world. Politicians, local leaders and nationally recognized celebrates have made Purple Thursday a pilgrimage.  


Thursday night classes have been a staple in the southeast region for 17+ years. Purple Thursday provides a fun, safe and wholesome atmosphere allowing great people from all walks of life to network, mingle and, just have a great time.


Music, dance, food and fellowship...what else do you need!