Our Instructors

Mike Way

One of PCSC’s revered instructors, Mike Way discovered Urban Ballroom quite by accident.  While doing some errands one day almost 7 years ago, he ran into a friend who mentioned that they needed men for a dance class she was taking.  Mike showed up to class to help out his friend and really enjoyed it.  From then on, he was hooked on Urban Ballroom.


In about a year and a half, Mike successfully completed all levels of Detroit-Style ballroom lessons with the Purple Charlotte Steppers Club.  While taking classes, other instructors recognized his skills and gift for the dance and recruited him to instruct.  He has been teaching for 5 years, since 2010.  Mike’s original interest in dance stems from his keen interest in music, having played in collegiate marching bands.  He says he enjoys the relationship between music and movement. 


Mike has a natural love of music in many forms and a love for this dance.  What he finds most interesting about being an instructor is seeing his students accomplish things they didn’t think they could do.  He also enjoys meeting others with a similar passion for the dance.  With his sharp impromptu dance performances during jazz shows and local concerts, Mike is known for introducing this dance that we love to others who have not yet been exposed to it.


In 2015, Mike co-founded and organized Ballroom’s Extraordinary Gentlemen with fellow PCSC instructor Anthony Simpson.  Mike has also choreographed wedding dances.  While attending NC Central University, Mike became a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.  An avid fan of the Indianapolis Colts, his other interests include music, people, science, politics, and sci-fi.

Robert "Malik" Sibley

Robert “Malik” Sibley is a Native Charlottean.  Yes, born right here in the heart of the Queen City (Charlotte NC).  He was introduced to The Urban Style Dance of Ballroom while at a social retreat in Myrtle Beach SC.  He had the privilege of attending a party where he witnessed a couple dancing in a way he describes as “Getting It In.”  Malik says he was amazed at the art of their flow and asked the two individuals for the name of the dance.  They called it “Urban Style Ballroom (Steppin)”.  At that point, he became determined to learn the art of Urban Style Ballroom Dance. 


After returning to Charlotte, Malik was determined to find a place that offered classes.  He found one place that he thought would be the place; however, Malik says it was not quite the dance, culture, nor flow he was searching for.  After that experience, he continued his search and found a website (Purple Charlotte Steppers Ballroom Classes at the Rameses Temple, Charlotte NC).  This was in 2010.  As soon as he entered the facility, Malik says he knew he was in the right place. The music was soothing and the atmosphere was very warm.  There were men and women actually vibing on the dance floor, similar to his experience in Myrtle Beach.  Malik remembers a feeling of …….. “Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Done :).”


Malik had the privilege of meeting Mr. Demond Carter (Master Instructor) who, according to Malik, has personally assisted with developing his skills as a dancer.  Not only did Demond teach dance, he also implied the importance of class and ethics.  Malik remembers that Demond would always say, “It’s always nice to be nice.”  Malik had the opportunity to attend Demond’s Men’s Lead Class faithfully, which contributed to the elevation of Malik’s dance.


After completing the different levels of classes offered with PCSC, Demond later appointed Malik as an instructor (2011) and he answered the call.  Since becoming an instructor, Malik has assisted a multitude of individuals in their quest to learn the dance.  He believes that the Art of Ballroom is more than just a dance.  It is definitely a culture.  According to Malik, Ballroom is another vehicle for better health and wellness in various areas of life physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Since learning Urban Style Ballroom, Malik has also had the opportunity learn the Chicago Steppin’ and various line dances.  It has also been a great opportunity for professional networking as well a social capital for Malik.  He says he enjoys the opportunity to meet new people and has developed a passion for being an instructor.  His greatest joy is seeing the smiles on his students’ faces when they are learning and having fun at it!


By profession, Malik is a Certified Peer Support Specialist at Monarch MH/SA/DD Agency.  He attended the University of Phoenix and completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management.  Afterward, he decided to further his education by attending the University’s graduate program completing his Masters in Business Administrations (MBA) in October 2015.  Malik’s hobbies are photography, mentoring the disenfranchised, public speaking, and supporting the community.

Superior Allah

A native of Buffalo, NY, Superior's love of dance goes back generations. Beginning with his grandmother and grandfather who were a formidable duet at the Lindy Bop, Swing and The Charleston. Later, his mother and father enjoyed Ballroom/Swing dancing.

Music is ingrained in him as well coming from a talented family (aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins) of singers. His grandmother was a pianist and aunt JoJo, the lead singer of the Mary Jane Girls, the female group of Rick James.

He fell in love with Hip Hop after "Rappers Delight" was released. Not possessing a singers voice, he became a Hip Hop songwriter in the mid 80's with the influence of artists such as The Fat Boys, Run-DMC and L.L. Cool J. In 1985 he co-founded a group which in 1988 traveled to and performed in Amsterdam, Holland for three weeks. The Electric Boogie and Breakdancing were his other passions in the day. 

The interest in Urban Ballroom dance was influenced by his in-laws Mr & Mrs. Albert Braxton who "Swing" at family functions. The style, class, and grace with which they moved was the attraction. At the suggestion of a client and after watching multiple videos on YouTube he visited his first PCSC class in 2014. Superior has been taking classes since then completing the Beginners, Intermediate I and Intermediate II levels. He has teamed up with Tiffany Taylor (PCSC) to compete in Titans Of The Dance Floor in 2015 and 2017. Together, they are two-time Champions (Beginner and Intermediate Ballroom). 

He is married with children and cuts hair as a profession. The owner of New Image Barbershop LLC, Superior also values building generational wealth through real estate coupled with other investing vehicles.  He enjoys reading, meditating, family and traveling. He will be visiting Ghana in April 2018.